What is the FTN Shirt of the Month Club?

Limited edition Fund the Nation’s t-shirt designs delivered to your door each month!

Our desire will always be to serve people by helping them raise money to do what God has called them to do. 
The FTN Shirt of the Month Club is no different. 

Along with receiving a custom, limited edition FTN shirt every month, you will also receive a story from one of our customers of
how God worked in their life. 

Because we believe our mission is to serve others, a percentage of every months subscription cost will be donated to
support the spread of the Gospel.

You can even get more than one shirt (family plan) per month! 

Each Shirt of the Month plan bills on the 1st of every month & your limited edition shirt will ship by the 15th!

Check out the subscription plans below and find the one that fits you!

(After subscribing to your plan, you will receive an email with a question for so we can get to know a little more about you! Fav. shirt style, colors, & sizing.)